In my head, I have the impression that I have always drawn. I think it was around the age of five that I started drawing the monsters that inhabited my nightmares. I did not have dreams at that time, because Viet-Nam was going through a troubled period then and I realize today that it is through drawing that the boy that I was sought to make sense of everything going on around him.


Even today, I still try to understand the bizarre world we live in and decode the humans who inhabit it. Even though I sometimes try to move away from it, my works always end up filled with characters. I take a moment in their life and they tell me a fragment of their story. I look at you, I observe you, I photograph you and I paint you… but through you, it is me that I seek to better capture.


When I paint, I sometimes marvel at the inherent beauty of a single brushstroke; and surprise myself with the new possibilities offered by a failed one. Through my good moves and my missteps, the work creates itself and thus becomes an entity in its own right in a process where intuition guides creativity. Rather than seeking perfection, I try to experience the fullness of the present moment.


This «present moment» is all that matters to me, because everything else is constantly changing with the opportunities, encounters, luck, bad luck and choices we make. The world we live in is unstable by nature, just like the color green Pastoureau says is chemically unstable. I believe that through my works, I try to capture a moment of stability in a constantly changing world.


Tuan Vu was born in Saigon in 1971 and immigrated to Canada, Montreal in 1981 during the wave of boat people.


Trained as a telecommunication engineer, Tuan Vu is a self-taught visual artist. He studied photography in 2012 at Université de Montréal. He has also followed painting and drawing classes in 2016 at Université de Montréal.


His work was first exhibited in 2010, in a public auction in support of Haiti, after being devastated by an earthquake. In 2016, he participated in a photography collective exhibition at GOT Galerie then the first solo "Brume" at Galerie LUZ in 2018. Once more at Galerie Luz for a collective exhibition with the “Beach Life” series in 2019.


Endless Summer - Solo: Paintings and Photography, LiveArt, Montreal, QC, Canada


Brume - Photography, Galerie Luz (Belgo Building), Montreal, QC, Canada


Encan Soutien à Ha​ïti, Montreal, QC, Canada



MTL en Arts - Paintings and Photography, Montreal, QC, Canada


Beach Life - Photography, Galerie Luz (Belgo Building), Montreal, QC, Canada


Pluriel au singulier - Photography, Galerie Got, Montreal, QC, Canada



2019 - Photographie et Intuition, Club de Photo ALPA, Longueuil, QC, Canada