At the age of five, Tuan Vu began drawing the monsters that populated his nightmares. He had no dreams at that time because Vietnam was then going through a troubled period. In hindsight, he realizes that it was through painting that he had long sought to give meaning to everything that was happening around him.


Even today, he still wonders about the strange world in which we live and tries to better understand the humans who inhabit it. Even if he sometimes tries to move away from it, his works always end up being filled with fantastic characters, such as nymphs and mermaids, reminiscent of those of Greek mythology. Inspired by the color palette of the great masters he admires such as Gauguin, Vuillard, and Redon, and that of more contemporary painters such as Peter Doig, Tuan Vu plays with our imagination, between dreamed scenes and contemplated landscapes.


Vibrant, colorful, and playful at first sight, his works present various levels of reading. The artist thus implicitly questions very current themes such as the impact of climate change on our lives. Without ever wanting to impose himself and give a ready-made answer, he leaves it to the beholder to question himself in turn. Vestiges of memories of his childhood in Vietnam and palm trees are found in almost all his works. Flamboyant or bare, fragile or robust, they often give a clue to the hidden meaning of the work.


Sometimes winking at renowned painters such as Botticelli or Manet, Tuan Vu comes to pay homage to them while reclaiming their work to integrate it into his own artistic approach and to be part of a continuity in the history of art.


Tuan Vu was born in Saigon, Vietnam. As far back as he can remember, he never stopped creating. His favorite mediums are drawing, painting, and photography, which did not prevent him from touching also on design and architecture.


Although over the years he has attended several drawing, painting, and photography at the University of Montreal, he is an artist who remains essentially self-taught. Through his works, his natural talent is amazingly expressed.


Arrived in Québec at the age of ten, and he has lived in Montreal ever since, His work has been first seen at an auction he organized in 2010 to come to aid to inhabitants of Haiti hit by a terrible earthquake. Afterward, he participated in three group exhibitions: Pluriel au Singulier at the Galerie GOT (2016), Beach Life at Galerie Luz (2019), Montréal en Arts (2021), and at the Galerie Institution National Art Contemporain. He got his first solo exhibition at the Galerie Luz (2018). The exhibition Endless Summer in 2021, held at the Art Center LivART, is his second solo exhibition of paintings, drawings, and photographs. He gave a lecture on Photography and Intuition at the ALPA Photo Club in Longueuil (2019). In 2021, he was named Client of the Month at YES Montreal and participated in an interview for LeZarts - The Arts of Montreal (MATV) as a guest artist. In addition, he received merit for participation in the Luxembourg competition for 2021.



Songes Hédoniques - Paintings, Gallery Institut National Art Contemporain, Montreal, QC, Canada


L'Été éternel/Endless Summer - Paintings and Photography, LivArt, Montreal, QC, Canada

Brume - Photography, Galerie Luz (Belgo Building), Montreal, QC, Canada


Encan Soutien à Ha​ïti, Montreal, QC, Canada



Gallery Institut National Art Contemporain - Paintings, Montreal, QC, Canada


MTL en Arts - Paintings and Photography, Montreal, QC, Canada


Beach Life - Photography, Galerie Luz (Belgo Building), Montreal, QC, Canada


Pluriel au singulier - Photography, Galerie Got, Montreal, QC, Canada



2022 - 01-04 September

ART BOOM FOCUS PARIS - Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France


2021- LeZarts: The Arts of Montreal on MAtv


2022 - Guest Speaker - Painter and Photographer at Women's Art Society, Montréal, QC, Canada

2019 - Photographie et Intuition, Club de Photo ALPA, Longueuil, QC, Canada


2021 - YES MONTREAL Client of the Month


2021- Luxembourg merit participation